Fish Party

Fish Party is a game that combines poker with progressive jackpot tournaments in order to supply no-limit hold’em poker players a unique opportunity to win a jackpot like no other.

How does it Work

When a player joins a Fish Party lobby, they have a choice of five different tournament buy-ins. Once three players have joined, a simple variation on the Fish Party online slot will appear and spin once. The result of this spin sets the prize pool for that particular tournament. The progressive jackpot will also go up for each game that is played. The lowest buy-in is €1 and it increases all the way to €50. This might seem initially low but it is possible to in up to 5,000 times the buy-in and this is before the progressive jackpot which increases the stakes to new levels. In the event that three players are competing for the progressive jackpot, the game extends much further beyond them. Every single person on the network at that time will be able to watch the game as it progresses live.

Extra Game Details

  • The game can be accessed through a client that can be installed on Windows, Mac, Instant Play, Android and iOS.
  • Getting started is a simple matter of joining a poker room.
  • 3-Seater Sit and Go hold’em tournaments with no limits.
  • Gameplay currency is in euros with options to buy-in using both cash and tickets.
  • Microgaming will release any funds won as soon as the progressive jackpot is paid out.
  • For winner-takes-all, the prizes range from 2 times to 50 times the buy-in.
  • The two largest prizes, 5,000 and 100 times the buy-in, have a 50/30/20 split.